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Last part Confidanza interview online!
Posted by Hans @ 20-01-2006 18:23:42 • Show comments (3)
Because Confidanza celebrates its first birthday this month, we did interviews with Mauro Vai, the founder of BIT Records, Dj Satomi, C.Y.T. and Dancefire from ARC Records in Austria, Dj Cutry from the Masters Of Movement and Wem-J productions and Dj Maraach. We asked them all about their favourite music, the actual "italodance crisis", mp3s and much more...

In the 3rd and last part the producers talk about mp3s and their future productions! Read it now by clicking here.

Part 1 can be read here and part 2 can be read here.
One year of Confidanza
Posted by Hans @ 05-01-2006 19:10:06 • Show comments (9)
One year ago I opened this site, because there was no source that could give people info about italian dance music in english, and there was no place where people could discuss about this wonderful style of music in english. I did not expect that we would start so succesfully; in the first days many people joined and it was hard to catch up with all the posts. One year later we have discussed hundreds of songs, 350 people registered themselves as member, in total we made over 65000 posts in 2000 topics and a few hundred people visit the frontpage and/or forum on a regular basis.

Of course, I would like Confidanza to grow more in 2006. That's why I started a new contest today, in which every member can participate. If you're not a member yet at Confidanza, register yourself now, it only takes less than a minute. In this contest you should try to bring as many interested people to Confidanza as possible. The more the merrier. There are still many people who don't know Confidanza exists, but could be interested. If we can expand the place we're living, it will be more pleasurable for us all. But that's not the only thing. I will award a wonderful package of prizes, including some great italodance cd's, for the three people who score the most points in this context. Read more about it by clicking here.

This context is not all. We've done interviews with various italodance producers. What do they think about the "crisis" dance is in? How do they look to the music industry in general? And which new productions can we expect? You will be able to read that, in three parts, during "celebration month" January at Confidanza. I almost forgot we have a yearmix coming up with the best dance from 2005! And of course, our true supporter Zander Zander can't miss this event. As soon as he appears in the top of the screen next to the Confidanza logo, click on him and he'll guide you into a new, addictive game.

This, and more, to celebrate that Confidanza has started its second year. I've opened a special subforum for the celebration, open it by clicking here. I'd like to note that in this forum everyone can post, also if you're not a registered member, since there are many people who are not registered, but who are regular visitors. Finally, I hope that the second year of Confidanza will be even better than the first, and that it will be a year full of italodance!

Gigi D'Agostino
Don't Cry Tonight

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Red Racing

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